101 Reasons to Read


It's fun *** You'll know more *** You'll learn about yourself *** You'll learn about the world *** You'll understand people better *** It will help you grow *** You'll be inspired *** It keeps you out of trouble *** You'll forget your worries *** It makes time fly by *** You can do it anywhere *** You can do it anytime *** You can do it in any weather *** You'll impress your parents and friends *** You'll make your teachers proud *** It will help you do well in school *** It doesn't cost much *** It doesn't require batteries *** It puts the universe at your fingertips *** It doesn't need electricity *** There are not commercials *** It reduces stress *** It's a quiet activity *** You'll learn other points of view *** You can live many lives *** You can see through someone else's eyes *** It's the cheapest way to travel the world *** It can make you laugh *** It can make you cry *** It can scare your pants off *** It can make you think *** It can take you places you've never dreamed of *** You can have the adventures of your lifetime *** You can learn how to do something new *** It improves your communication skills *** You can learn how things work *** it helps you find solutions to any problem *** You cna experience the past *** You can dream about the future *** You can explore new horizims *** It inspires life-long learning *** You'll be great at trivia games *** Once you start you won't want to stop *** It can change your life ***It can give you great quotes or jokes to share *** You can experience thingsyou would never do *** You won't have to judge a book by its cover *** You can learn how to be better at anything *** It will increase your vocabulary *** It sparks your imagination *** You can learn how to make something new *** You'll be a better writer *** It's your link to the rest of the world *** You'll always have something to look forward to *** You'll meet interesting characters *** You can do it by yourself *** You can do it with your family *** It makes you smarter *** You'll slways have something to talk about *** It's always in style *** It's a good way to challenge yourself *** It builds yourself-esteem *** You can discover new heroes *** You can keep up with the latest news *** You can relive exciting adventures *** You're more likely to be successful in life *** It stimulates creativity *** It helps you relax *** I t improves your concentration *** It increases your attention span *** It's a great escape *** It's energizing *** Books are full of surprises *** Information is power *** It's a rewarding habit *** It expands your mind *** your resources will be limitless *** It will make you more interesting *** You cna learn why thing are the way they are *** You'll never outgrow it *** It exercises you brain *** You don't need any special equipment *** You'll learn proper grammar *** It will help you with spelling *** You'll find out what's so great about classic literature ***There's something in it for everyone *** It's a never ending resource *** It can make you a better person *** You'll set a good example *** It's contagious *** It satisfies curiosity *** You can explore great minds *** You'll find out why libraries are such cool places *** There is magic in words *** It's great entertainment *** It can bring people closer together *** Your mind won't go to waste *** You'll learn why the pen is mightier than the sword *** the book is always better than the movie ***A wealth of material awaits you and ....

from Positive Promotions