It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome children and parents to the 2022 – 2023 school year at Mandeville Elementary School. We hope your summer has been filled with making memories, relaxing with family, and participating in fun learning opportunities available in our community.

Our theme for the school year is Dream Big! Our entire school community is looking forward to working together to create meaningful learning experiences for our students to help them realize their dreams. It is important that our students feel connected to the work they are doing and understand that it will help them reach their goals in the future. Our theme can be seen throughout the halls, as teachers have decorated their rooms accordingly. As the year continues, our children will add their creative touches and learn every day at MES. Together, we will work as a team to foster our students’ success.

If you are new to our school family you may hear your children speaking of the FISH philosophy. We practice the FISH philosophy daily at Mandeville Elementary School.  Every member of our school family strives to be there for one another, to make one another’s day, to choose a great attitude, and have lots of fun as we learn together. This makes MES a great place to live and learn.

Our children learn best with consistency and routine in place. Please be sure to have them come to school each day and arrive on time. Please read our attendance guidelines in the Student Handbook found online for the current rules and procedures regarding absences.

For the safety of all children, we ask that your child’s transportation to and from school remain as consistent as possible. If your child regularly rides a bus, we will put him/her on the bus unless we have a note from you. The same holds true for aftercare and carline. Thanks for your help with this matter.

Parents are the first teachers for our children. When parents, teachers, and administrators work together, our kids thrive! Our goal is to help all children succeed and reach their potential. Please feel free to call or email us with any suggestions at any time. The office number is 985-626-3950. Email addresses are listed on our website for all faculty and staff. We look forward to hearing from you and joining hands as we watch our children grow and learn.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful children with us! It is our honor and privilege to work with each of you and your children. Thank you for your continued support and willingness to work together to ensure your child is safe, happy, and learning at high levels with our Mandeville Elementary family.

Yours in education,

Chantelle O. Smith
Principal, Mandeville Elementary School            

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