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Dress Code

The following is the uniform policy for Mandeville Elementary:

Khaki long pants                
Khaki walking shorts                    
Khaki jumper                    
Khaki skort or skirt                  
Red polo type knit, collared shirt 
Long or short sleeves, red only -no logos
Turtlenecks (red or white) if layered under red shirts
MES red T-shirt 
MES sweatshirt
Red sweatshirt
Spirit Shirts on Fridays only

*NO logos other than the school logo will be allowed on uniforms.
*We suggest athletic shoes with non-marking soles for all children to be worn in order to keep them safe during P.E. and recess.

Uniforms can be purchased from the department store, uniform shop, or catalog of your choosing. 
Mandeville Elementary school shirts can be purchased from the school office. 


Please see STPSB District Handbook for the most current information on the student dress code.